Learn gymnastics skills, get exercise, and have fun!

Our preschool gymnastics program is based on age and is made up of a series of specialized classes for babies, 6 months up to preschoolers 5 years. Our classes are designed to allow your child to progress from one class to the next as your child grows and develops.

NOTE: We are currently open for weekly classes only. Please call or email for the updated class schedule. Class availability is subject to change. Tuition is paid monthly. One-time registration fee: $30 per student; no registration fee for parent/tot classes

Kids who do gymnastics have…

  1. Improved self-esteem and confidence
  2. Increased attention spans
  3. Better reading readiness
  4. Increased communication skills
  5. Improved problem solving skills
  6. Great social skills
  7. Increased strength and flexibility
  8. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Wee Explorers

Walking – 2 and half year olds – 30 minutes with parent or adult

Mom with toddler daughter on balance beam

Class Schedule

Children are free to roam and explore the scheduled activities that await them. Using their budding curiosity, they will learn through movement and exploration. Activities may include puzzles, balloon toss, bubbles, tents and tunnels to crawl through, a floor balance beam, log rolling and incline mats. All of these activities keeps a developing brain busy creating new neuro-pathways that set up building blocks for life.

Tiny Tumblers

2 – 3 year olds – 30 minutes with parent or adult

Toddler girls holding up chalked hands

Class Schedule

This parent-tot-style class is part structured teaching and part gym exploration. Each class focuses on getting kids comfortable in a gymnastics environment and allows them to learn basic body positions and skills as well as gymnastic terminology. This provides quality bonding time with mom or dad! This class helps young ones develop their gross and fine motor skills, coordination and confidence while preparing them for lifelong love of movement.

Mini Hoppers

3 – 4 year olds – 40 minutes

Toddler girls playing in chalk

Class Schedule

Mini Hoppers is a structured class that provides children with a solid foundation on which to build their gymnastic ability. Children will learn to develop their listening, social, and turn-taking skills. Developing these skills allows them to achieve success in a class environment while having fun learning gymnastics and creating a feeling of independence and accomplishment. This class is great for fine and gross motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, and helping with early reading readiness.

Little Leapers

4 – 5 year olds – 50 minutes

Class Schedule

This circuit-style class helps budding gymnasts accomplish skills with good form and allows them the opportunity to learn how to set and achieve goals. Starting with a warm up, a typical Little Leapers class may include cartwheels, handstands, and pullovers on the bars, walking on the balance beam (by themselves!) and jumping. This class helps develop gross and fine motor skills, reading readiness, social skills and problem-solving abilities.

Junior Level 1

5 – 6 year olds – 60 minutes

Class Schedule

This co-ed class focuses on the 5-year-old child and will help younger gymnasts accomplish level 1 skills, while in a class setting that allows them to thrive. Jr. Level 1 classes are designed to allow children the opportunity to bond with other kids their age who are going through similar life experiences such as getting ready for and starting kindergarten. Skills such as chin-ups, pullovers, front supports with casts, hurdle drills and walking on tip toes and jumping on the beam are introduced. Jr. Level 1’s are always building their strength, confidence and attention span as they enjoy their gymnastics time.