Our staff is the backbone of Golden State Gymnastics.

Our coaches, teachers, and administrative staff provide a fun, supportive, and challenging atmosphere that allows young people to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and morally. Our entire staff is USAG background-checked, FBI finger-printed, USAG safety-certified, USOC Safe Sport trained for child sexual abuse awareness and prevention, and CPR/First Aid certified.

Preschool and Girls Recreational Program Director, Parties and Special Events Coordinator, and Camp Director

With over 20 years of experience working with children, Heather Olson knows the benefit that participating in gymnastics at a young age provides to children. Since 2005, Heather pursued her dream of positively influencing the lives of young children at Golden State Gymnastics. Along with being USA Gymnastics safety-certified, USA Gymnastics Instructor & Director Certified, as well as CPR, First-Aid and KAT (Kinder-gym Accreditation Training) and Preschool & School Age H.O.T (Hands On Training) certified, Heather has been a presenter at both Regional USA Gymnastics and National USA Gymnastics Congresses since 2013. Her skills, education and love for gymnastics have allowed her to wear many hats over the years, including coach, Summer Camp Director and Preschool Director. Heather is currently the Preschool and Girls’ Recreational Program Director, as well as Camp Director and Special Events coordinator at GSG and oversees hundreds of students and dozens of staff members. Her sensitivity to the individual needs of each child and her incredible sense of style and magical fun make her invaluable as a coach and Program Director.

Girls Teams Director, Head Xcel Team Coach

Eddie Zubia has over 20 years experience in the Gymnastics Community, 2 years with the LA Parks and Recreation, 18-years in Club Gymnastics, in many areas from Kinder Gym – mommy me classes and Gyms on Wheels, recreational coach, camp director, to recreational program director to USAG girls competitive gymnastics team coach from beginning levels of competing through elite Gymnasts.
6 of those years were as a Head Coach in the Santa Clarita area at Santa Clarita School of Gymnastics now known as Gym Jam, where he ran a very successful program. He also spent 2 plus years as owner/head coach/Athlete director in the Simi Valley area at Cali Dreams Gymnastics now know as Platinum where he once again ran another successful program.
And a sum of 4 years as Head coach Athlete director in the San Fernando Valley area at Le club Gymnastics.
Eddie was also a Recreational coach, Director and team coach at Gymnastics Olympica USA for 8 years.
Eddie has coached several Sectional, State, and Regional Champions including National Qualifiers. Eddie has also trained with several ELITE Gymnasts at gyms for other head coaches.
Eddie hopes to help achieve producing quality gymnastics and Elite gymnasts here at Golden State Gymnastics.
Eddie has been nominated for coach of the year for Southern California USAG Gymnastics in 2001, 2002, and 2003. He also was invited to be an instructor for Southern California State Mini Congress in 2003 at Cal State Fullerton.
Eddie has a daughter Alexa Jo Zubia 17 and a son Ron 34 with a grand son and grand daughter.

Boys Recreational Director and Head Boys Team Coach

Brian was born and raised outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin and began competitive gymnastics at the age of 6. He trained through level 10 and was a 3 time regional champion. He retired from the USAG Men’s program and competed for NAIGC all 4 years of college out of Buffalo NY and was a National medalist. He started teaching freshman year of college where he built a boys program from scratch and by the time he graduated, he was the boy’s competitive program director and head coach for a thriving team. After graduating with a degree in Psychology, Brian relocated to Florida where he took on the role as the girl’s compulsory team head coach and had 2 undefeated seasons and a perfect 10.0. Las Vegas was his next stop where he coached under 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist Vitaly Scherbo, and was the recreational director. After spending some time traveling the world he found himself in Los Angeles where he is now putting smiles on faces daily here at Golden State Gymnastics.


Customer Service Manager

Stephanie Chantland was born and raised in Burbank, California and graduated from Burbank High School in 2008. In 2002, Stephanie joined the mother/daughter organization known as National Charity League. She was a member of this organization until graduating from high school in 2008. It was her participation in NCL that got her out and about in the community working with and helping those in need. In the Spring of 2012, Stephanie graduated cum laude from the University of San Francisco.



Office Administrator

Linda joined GSG as a customer service/office assistant in March of 2011. Some of you may remember Linda’s oldest daughter, Mackenzie, as a GSG Summer Camp counselor and pre-school instructor here at GSG. Mackenzie went away to nursing school at Chico State University and graduated in May 2013. Mackenzie now works as a nurse in Northern California. Sadly for all of us, Linda’s younger daughter, Madee, lost her lifelong battle with CF in June of 2010. She is so deeply missed on a daily basis. The need continues to develop a cure for this devastating disease and Linda is still involved in making a difference for others. Please click on this link to learn more about how you can help or make a one-time donation: https://www.cff.org/GetInvolved/ManyWaysToGive/Donate/index.cfm


Administrative Assistant

Lori was born and raised in southern California. She moved to Burbank in 2004, and quickly became involved in the community thanks to her kids. Lori has three sons and one daughter. Some of her accomplishments or titles within Burbank have been: Team Mom, Girl Scout Leader, President of BHS Football Boosters, Vice President (over membership) of PTSA at BHS, and President of PTSA at BHS. She has received Volunteer of the year from Burbank Vikings and the Honorary Service Award from PTA. Lori’s favorite title is Grandma. She has three granddaughters, Iziella, Jayden & Melanie. She enjoys spending her days off at Disneyland and other vacation spots with her grandbabies and kids.
Lori came to GSG in March of 2012. She has done a little bit of everything; ranging from ordering supplies to helping cover the front office, or learning how to become a meet director for GSG’s annual meet. Lori’s knack for organization and being a team player makes it possible for her to keep track of our competitive teams’ uniform needs, athlete and meet registrations, and all else encompassing team. She also assists in projects where needed. Lori loves being part of the Golden State Gymnastics family and helping kids get the best possible gymnastics experience.


Instructor/Gymnastics Coordinator

Amy has been involved in gymnastics from her earliest memories, spending her childhood and teen years in recreational classes, competing and even coaching for her local gymnastics club in Northeastern Nevada. She was transplanted to Southern California for college, earning a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Amy joined the Golden State Gymnastics staff in 2011 and currently coaches in the Preschool and Recreational programs as well as working in the front office.



Team Coach, Instructor

Lucy Brimer grew up in Washington State with a love for gymnastics. Working hard gaining strength and flexibility, she competed for four years. The decision to coach gymnastics came like second nature. She began coaching in 2007, and continues to gain understanding and a deeper love for the sport. Lucy has been with Golden State Gymnastics since 2015, and loves the relationship that’s being built with this phenomenal team.



Team Coach, Instructor

Connor Holt was born in Burbank, California and got involved in gymnastics at the age of 12 when he started attending classes at Golden State Gymnastics. During his gymnastics career he also attended the Burbank YMCA and LA Valley College. Gymnastics gave him a great foundation for all sports, and Connor was on the Track and field team, for all four years, at John Burroughs High School. Gymnastics is a sport that Connor has always enjoyed because it is so unique and tests you both physically and mentally. Connor still likes to tumble because gymnastics skills are challenging, amazing, and fun and not just anyone can do them. Connor’s respect for the sport, its coaches and the efficiency of the way GSG runs its gymnastic programs brought him back to his gymnastics roots to continue his coaching career. Connor is grateful to be a part of such a cool place and believes that coaches should be just as dedicated as the students they teach.



Maria comes to Golden State from Oahu, Hawaii. She grew up doing USAG competitive gymnastics up to level 8. She started coaching at the age of sixteen, teaching preschool to competitive level 7. She moved to the mainland to pursue a career in the entertainment industry world, mainly focusing on stunts. She was recently a stunt performer at Legoland California where she was a part of the Big Test. She has also been kicked through a wall and fallen off a balcony. Even through all her other pursuits gymnastics has never left her heart. Gymnastics has made a big impact on her life and hopes to share that same joy and love for the sport that she has experienced. She also hopes to one day open her own gymnastics program in Hawaii.



Katie was born and raised in Burbank, CA and began her gymnastics career at the age of 3. Once she realized she was in love with the sport of gymnastics, at the age of 5, she moved to Golden State and started out as a Hotshot. At the age of 7 she was on the USAG team and competed around the nation. At 11 Katie moved to the USAIGC program, where she competed at multiple national competitions and won State Bars, Beam, Vault, and All Around titles. At 16 Katie decided to no longer compete, but her passion for gymnastics was still strong. Thinking of Golden State as her second home, and having fond memories of growing up there, she always knew she wanted to coach there. As her dream of coaching has become a reality, she hopes to continue learning and working to grow here at Golden State Gymnastics.



Katie Cordero grew up in Pleasanton, California and took her first gymnastics class at age seven where she instantly fell in love with the sport. She continued training for the next five years until reaching level 8. During her time competing she was level 5 all around state champion and level 7 floor state champion. After gymnastics she went on to do competitive cheer through high school. While she was in college at San Diego State she was able to fulfill one of her dreams, being a gymnastics coach. Katie taught preschool, boys/girls rec, and tumbling classes. She was also a camp counselor and worked special events like birthday parties and parents night out. Coaching was her favorite job because it combined two of her favorite things; working with children and gymnastics. After college she got a job and moved to LA. Katie currently works in production in the entertainment industry and was very excited to find Golden State Gymnastics. She is once again able to reconnect with her love of coaching and is excited to become a part of the GSG team!



Leana was born in Boston, Massachusetts but moved to Southern California as a toddler. She first ventured into the gym as a kindergartner and quickly came to love it. Spending the next ten years as a USAG competitive gymnast, she progressed to level 10, achieving 2nd place all-around at the 2012 level nine Western Nationals. Gymnastics helped Leana developed a great work ethic and gain many close friends. Through a friend Leana was introduced to GSG and their Summer Camp Program. Having worked with kids before, in volunteer programs such as Reading Partners and The Armory Center for the Arts, this seemed like an ideal opportunity to share her love of gymnastics with budding gymnasts. Leana started at Golden State as a camp counselor in 2014, and is currently coaching classes, encouraging young gymnasts and passing on her knowledge and love of the sport. Leana is currently a student at La Canada High School and plans to pursue her love of History and English in college. She also enjoys playing piano and loves creating art.


Alexa Zubia was raised all over the valley from her childhood home in Chatsworth, to her father’s gym. Gymnastics has long been a part of her life because of her father’s passion for the sport, even her very first birthday was celebrated in a gym. With both parents being such active people, with activities like horseback riding, gymnastics, hiking, skiing, and overall adventuring, it was inevitable she would begin gymnastics at the young age of 3. The strength and confidence from those classes instilled in her a passion for the sport and a passion in an active and outgoing lifestyle.
She continued progressing in the sport, even having her own father as her coach at one time, until she finally “retired” from her training successfully making it to, and competing level 4 by age 9. She then moved on to playing baseball and performing on any stage she could get on. After playing the violin in her middle school orchestra and singing in the choir most of her life, she finally reached high school and discovered a strong passion for the theatre.
She auditioned for her first production and landed the female lead in “Bye Bye Birdie” as a freshman. Using the dedication and focus she learned from gymnastics, she continued to work hard, learn the craft, and audition until she finished high school having received a leading role in every production she helped put on. Not only did she receive a Musical Theatre award her Senior year for this reason and others, she graduated with High Honors from the Valley Academy of the Arts and Sciences as the 2015 ASB President.
While accomplishing all of this, she also had been working since she was 12. Going back to the gym she first started her preschool classes in, she began as an assistant coach, helping with recreational classes and the Summer Camp program. She found that teaching children all the beneficial things gymnastics does for the body and mind not only helped her students, but even herself. After 5 years, she worked all the way up from just assisting, to leading the Seasonal Camp programs and special events, and subbing when she was in school.
Now that she’s off to college at CSULA, she had to make a move away from her gym family, and onto another chapter of her life. She has plans to double major and minor in Psychology, Criminology, and Theatre, in hopes to become either a Criminal Profiler for the FBI or a Forensic Psychologist for the Police Department. She knows she has a lot to learn and respects every person working at Golden State Gymnastics.
While she believes she has a lot to offer, she can only hope to become as dedicated and talented as the people she has the amazing opportunity to work with.


Emma Bailey is a student at John Burroughs High School. She started gymnastics at GSG when she was 4 years old! Emma competed on the Golden State USAG team for 8 years and finished her career at Level 9. She is very dedicated to the sport and hopes to help others achieve their goals in gymnastics.





Marissa was born and raised in Burbank, California and was introduced to gymnastics at the age of 3. She graduated from John Burroughs High School and is currently attending Cal State Los Angeles pursuing a nursing career in pediatrics. She realized that gymnastics was her passion at a young age and continued training up until High School. She paused for Show Choir where she then focused more on dance, sports and choreography. She began coaching at GSG 3 years ago by being a counselor for the Summer Camp. She now coaches during the school year to continue her love for teaching future gymnasts. Marissa looks forward to being a part of such an amazing organization and believes that the most important part of teaching is being a positive role model in the student’s lives to ensure they continue their love of gymnastics.



Gabriella Margarino, known around the gym as Gigi, is an outgoing, hardworking student at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Feliz. She began her gymnastics career at age 3, taking classes at local gyms until she found a home in Golden State’s rec program at age 5. Filled with energy and athletism, Gigi tried her hand at other sports, but when she was doing cartwheels on the tennis court more often than swinging her racquet, it was clear gymnastics was her passion. At 8 years old, Gigi joined the USAIGC competitive team at GSG and excelled through the program for the next 6 years. Her name can be found on banners hanging from the gym’s ceiling in many different places and some of her most outstanding achievements include being a 2013 State Champion on Bars, 2012 State Champion on Vault, 2011 National All-Around, Beam, and Floor Champion, and a 2010 National Floor Champion and Regional Beam Champion. Gigi also received the Artistic Excellence Award from the judges at GSG’s Jewel City Meet in 2013 and was the first Copper level gymnast to EVER perform a floor routine at Nationals! After reaching the Platinum level (equivalent to level 8 in USAG) by age 14, she retired as a competitive gymnast. But as it turns out, you can take a gymnast out of gymnastics, but you can never take gymnastics out of a gymnast. Ever since leaving team, Gigi has been active at Golden State as a volunteer, summer camp counselor, and was thrilled to begin coaching at the recreational level.

As a coach, Gigi is committed to providing her classes with an energetic, positive environment where children are encouraged to grow as athletes and young individuals! She believes strong technique is at the core of strong gymnastics, but that above all gymnastics should be fun! As a former gymnast, she understands how influential gymnastics can be to a child’s self-confidence, work ethic, and ability to overcome obstacles and aspires to help build these traits in every gymnast she encounters. Gigi’s favorite part of coaching is establishing relationships with kids and watching their success over time. She absolutely loves working with children and is very passionate about the education and development of youth, even considering Child Development and Education as her college major. Gigi has been part of the GSG family for over a decade and cannot wait to see what else the future holds!


Emily started recreational gymnastics at the age of 2 alongside her sister, Grace, at Fun & Fit. Around the age of 7, she began competing at Gymnastics Olympica as a level 4 gymnast. She competed until level 6 when her and her sister switched gyms. Even though she was no longer competing, she still had a love for the sport. In 2012, Emily decided to join the Trampoline & Tumbling team at Wallers’ Gym Jam Academy. She won 1st place at the State Championships and 3rd place at Nationals in tumbling. Unfortunately, practice times conflicted with soccer and she was no longer able to compete. Along with soccer, Emily participates in the Vocal Music Association at John Burroughs High School. Emily is very excited to be apart of Golden State Gymnastics, and she hopes to help her students achieve their gymnastics goals!



Grace Goyanes has been a competitive gymnast since she was 8 years old. She fell in love with the hard work, discipline, and structure of the sport, as well as the competitions and the many friends she made over the years. Grace was the 2013 Level 7 All-Around State Champion and also qualified for Level 9 Western Nationals twice. Right before her Level 10 season, she decided that it was time to give her body a rest. Grace then joined the John Burroughs High School Vocal Music Association. Now, she’s excited to bring her love of the sport to a new level as a coach and is so happy to be able to share that love with her students!




Skyler is from the small town of Johnstown, Colorado. At the age of ten, she was introduced to competitive cheer. The team Skyler cheered for was, at the time, co-partnered with the gymnastics program. Skyler remembers being in awe while watching her younger sister train in gymnastics. As time went on Skyler became more and more involved in gymnastics. She trained and competed for 4 years before she found her greatest passion, dance. Skyler continued her training as a gymnast and as a gymnastics coach while competing in dance. It was not long after she found dance that Skyler’s mom, who also had a burning passion for dance, created a dance studio of her own that co-partnered with the gym Skyler trained at. Before Skyler knew it she was coaching gymnastics and teaching dance, while still competing in dance. As you can imagine Skyler lived at the gym from after school to 10:00pm sometimes; Skyler was always there. Skyler’s mother and her gymnastics coach went on to build a competitive cheer team. So, during Skyler’s last year of high school she was coaching gymnastics, competing dance, teaching dance, coaching cheer, and competing in cheer.
In 2015, Skyler came to California to pursue her dreams of being in the entertainment industry. She came to GSG looking for a new gym home where she could be surrounded by amazing people, and continue her life long passion of teaching and inspiring children. She’s so glad that she has found Golden State Gymnastics, a gym that cares as much about little ones as she does.



Tori Hogberg comes from a small town in Southern Maryland. She started off in dance and stumbled upon gymnastics at a friend’s birthday party. Tori has loved gymnastics ever since she started competing competitively at 6 years old. She trained and competed state-wide and regionally until level 9. After leaving the sport, she started coaching. She coached pre-school and recreational classes, and competitive all the way up to level 8’s and 9’s. In 2017, Tori found herself moving to California for school and her sister’s acting career. Tori plans to attend Cal State LA majoring in communicative disorders and becoming a speech therapist for deaf children. She loves helping children and she has always loved gymnastics. Tori put her passions together and ended up at GSG in 2017, sharing her knowledge and love of the sport of gymnastics with children.



Gia Pastorelli is a student at John Burroughs High School. Gia began taking gymnastics at age five at a local YMCA. It became clear very quickly that Gia was destined for more than just a recreational class because Gia began to learn more difficult skills and attempt to engage the other gymnasts in pullover competitions. It was suggested to her mother that Gia should try competitive gymnastics and GSG was the place to go. Gia joined the USAIGC team at GSG and competed until the age of 14. Gia also enjoys singing, playing piano, and dancing, especially tap and Irish dance. As a coach, Gia wants to help other athletes learn skills just like she did as a gymnast. Gia knows hard work, determination, responsibility, confidence, and teamwork, are important for gymnasts to learn, all while having a lot of fun. You can look for Gia’s 2010 Regionals Copper Floor Championship banner above the GSG gym floor.



Alecia Singh grew up in New York. She began gymnastics at a young age cartwheeling in her grandmother’s backyard, but she was officially taken to the YMCA for gymnastics classes at the age of 5. She continued gymnastics throughout her school years competing for her junior high and high school teams. She began coaching at the age of 16 and has worked at several gyms and summer programs in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the Los Angeles area. She has worked with children as young as 10 months old through adults, from beginners through level 6 optional team for girls USAG and Excel Gold USAIGC. She loves the dynamic athleticism, beautiful artistry, and life lessons that the sport of gymnastics has to offer, and seeks to demonstrate that to the gymnasts that she coaches. She is excited to be a part of the exceptional team at GSG!



Emma Kobin was born in Burbank, California, and graduates from John Burroughs High School in 2018. She began gymnastics when she was in middle school and pursued it alongside of cheerleading. Emma realized that she has a strong passion for gymnastics, and appreciates the way that it’s foundations teach physical and emotional strength, perseverance, and dedication. Emma joined GSG in 2017 in order to have the opportunity to coach and help children enjoy the art of gymnastics. She respects GSG and it’s outlook and focus on a safe and positive environment for all gymnasts.




Adriana was raised in Burbank, CA. She is attending John Burroughs High School and will graduate in 2019. Adriana grew up with a strong passion for gymnastics, starting when she attended a YMCA gymnastics class at the young age of 3. She then moved on to Golden State Gymnastics, working her way up through the levels and eventually to PALS. Throughout her passionate years of being a gymnast, she has now decided to help and coach others, hoping to inspire them to love gymnastics as much as she does.



Office Assistant

Cadie Sexton was born and raised in Torrance, California and graduated from Torrance High in 2008. She then went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. When her parents moved to New Jersey in 2014, she decided to move closer to Los Angeles and has been at Golden State ever since. When she’s not in the office, she is still auditioning and pursuing her acting career.


Office Assistant

Sydney was born in Rancho Cucamonga and moved to Burbank in 2006. She graduated from John Burroughs High School in 2016 and is currently in college working towards her nursing degree. She has always loved working with kids from a very young age and strives to help them in the future, in the medical field. She joined Golden State Gymnastics in 2015 after her younger sister was involved in the program for many years. She loved the atmosphere and wanted to be a part of the team that helps make every child’s gymnastics experience one to remember.



Office Assistant

Bianey was raised in Burbank, CA. She attends John Burroughs High School where she played water polo during her sophomore year. Bianey practiced gymnastics for 2 years at Golden State Gym and is excited to now work in the office. She wants to attend University of Hawaii and major in medical science.





Office Assistant

Kayla Maurais was born and raised in Jay, Maine. She graduated from Emmanuel College in 2015 with a Bachelors in Film Studies and went on to earn her Masters in Screenwriting from The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Her other passion is working with children and helping others, which spurred her desire to apply for an office position at Golden State Gymnastics. When she’s not in the office, she is working on her Young Adult novel and studying to become a birth doula.



Facility and Maintenance

Wayne was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama. After he graduated he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he met his wife Twila. They were blessed with three great kids; Austin, Tanner and Destiny Grace. Their family relocated to California because of their children’s acting talent. They were successful in the entertainment industry but their passion was to pursue their athletic dreams. Wayne joined GSG in September of 2012.



HR Specialist

Gretchen was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but it wasn’t long before she and her family moved to warmer climates, including South Carolina, South Florida, South Texas, finally settling in Southern California in the Spring of 2010. Gretchen’s education and work experience have focused primarily on the training & professional development of employees in the workplace, and she is passionate about helping others create, meet and surpass their professional goals. Gretchen joined the Golden State Gymnastics family in February of 2017 as the Human Resource Generalist, a role she enjoys because it allows her to work closely with the gym’s most valuable resource — the wonderful GSG Staff!



Director of Business Operations; President

Camille has been involved with Golden State Gymnastics, a 501(c)(3) non-profit gymnastics center, since 1998 when her daughter, Jordan, joined the team. In the process of being her daughter’s biggest fan, she became a fan of gymnastics, as well. In 2000, she began serving Golden State Gymnastics as a volunteer parent, which eventually evolved into the position of gym manager. Camille currently serves as President and Executive Director of Golden State Gymnastics. In her previous life b.g. (before gymnastics!), she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from U.C. Davis and worked as a Legal Administrator. She earned a Master’s degree in business management from the University Of Redlands School Of Business. Camille is the mother of two terrific kids, Jordan (27), who is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Pepperdine law school, and David (23), who is a graduate of Brandeis University.



Golden State Gymnastics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is governed by a Board of Directors. Board Members are Camille Goldberg, President; Whitney Wallace, Treasurer; Jordan Goldberg, Secretary; Ron Dahlia, Alan Goldberg, Janee Tomlinson and Gianna Dahlia, members. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about any aspect of the Golden State Gymnastics program, please feel free to contact any of the Board Members.